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Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Oostplein 224 | 3063 CE Rotterdam | The Netherlands

About Ecolux Housing

Everyday we think about the combination of luxury and eco friendly housing.
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About Ecolux Housing

Our passion is to construct luxurious and ecological houses of tomorrow. As an innovative company, we deliver semi robotized housing solutions. We avoid waste, 100% recyclable; comply with the highest energy certification standards. We offer ecological add-ons and self sufficiency solutions. Quality, Speed and Affordability are our USP’s.

The world is changing. Our current economic, ecological and energy systems are being evaluated and reinvented. Ecolux provides answers to cope with the challenges of our times. Luxurious ecological houses built in days for many purposes including recreation, living, working and shelter. New times offer new technology, innovations and a mind-set, despite traditional construction mentality.

  • Environment friendly
  • Extremely strong
  • 100% Circular
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Earthquake/hurricane proof
  • 10-year guarantee
  • High insulation IPC
  • Quality materials
  • Semi robotized production
  • Short construction time

Ecolux Housing Story

Ecolux housing has been founded by partners experienced in the conventional building industry, sustainability sector and creative industry. Our search for sustainable and proven innovations to revolutionize the construction sector with the newest materials in the market resulted in our unique offering.

State of the art modern techniques extensively tested for every possible condition and defensibility, already designed according to the standards of 2023!

Ecolux Housing

We deliver eco friendly and luxurious housing solutions with a focus on quality, speed and price.

Ecolux Advice

We advice our clients on ecological solutions and we offer a “train the trainer concept”

Ecolux offers affordable housing solutions at the highest IPC/ecological standards. Our production technology and construction speed, minimizes loss of materials and your cost of capital. We offer standard homes and custom tailored solutions.

Our prefab housing solution provides the best construction price per m2. Our construction system has unmatched quality, speed and cost effectiveness. Energy neutral housing and IPC

Affordable quality houses have never been this reachable for developing/emerging countries. Rebuilding communities or relief/emergency housing can be provided within limited time frame. Ecolux houses are low cost and 100% environment friendly.

Building our expanding your holiday park with standard Ecolux houses provide minimum construction hassle. Low construction investment, with excellent isolation and minimum variable costs, while very comfortable and luxurious for your residents.

There are a variety of models and configurations available including living, dining, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms

High quality, environmentally friendly and affordable house, 3 bedrooms •1 bathroom  •1 living / dining area •1 Kitchen

The EcoLux E-house offers a revolution in low cost luxurious and eco housing. This unit offers two sizes: 28m² and 36m².

The Ecolux ECO 112 Flat Roof Edition house is perfect for the European climate and ideal for installation of Solar Panels.