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Building System

Extremely durable structures and environmental friendly
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Our building system

After several years of research and development we have brought a new building system on the market.. The long-term experience of the Ecolux partners helped significantly to offer an industry-specific system for the building industry. 


The building system has an unmatched quality in the construction industry.
Our structures are extremely durable and environmental friendly.


No one builds faster than us! Our prefabrication technology allows us to construct both – residential and commercial structures within 1/4 of the conventional construction time.


Ecolux building system is cheaper in many aspects !

• Shorter construction time means lower labor costs.
• Integrated MEP results in to easier and faster installation.
• Zero wastage on site makes costly disposal or recycling unnecessary.
• Patented and optimized vacuum production system consumes significantly small amounts of raw materials than conventional construction systems.

Safe and sustainable


Sustainable Fabrication Principles

Ecolux Housing design principles are to construct affordable housing with minimum environmental impact, maximize year round comfort and reduce running costs. These principles are applied to every aspect of the home models – including the material selection, the systems utilized, and our operations.
Energy Efficient Walls
Ecolux Housing employs passive monolith construction (floor/walls/ceiling are of the same material) – design that takes advantage of the climate to maintain a comfortable temperature range in the home by reducing the need for auxiliary heating or cooling. The characteristics and R values are extremely high.

Based on the needs on location. Passive heating and cooling options can be added to optimize the walls and materials used. Additional thermal insulation and cross-ventilation can be added. All of our prefab homes meet the highest energy rating requirements in its kind.

80 mm panels R= 2,50
100mm panels R= 3,30
120mm panels R= 4,00
150mm panels R= 5,14
160mm panels R= 5,50
200mm panels R= 7,02
300mm panels R=10,25

Eco-Friendly Materials
All our modular pre-fab parts use materials that are fully recyclable, non-toxic and environmental friendly. The walls are made of ecological insolation foam strengthened by wood bridges covered by magnesiumboard layers. The wall is stronger than concrete and lighter than wood. Special laminates can be added in the fabrication process to eliminate any further need for wall treatment and maintenance.

Energy Efficient Systems
Ecolux Housing incorporates energy systems partners into its design to complement the construction of a sustainable house. Sustainable systems include:
– Smart micro grid or off grid solutions (PV/Wind/Battery/Smart appliances)
– Water collection, reticulation, purification and re-use solutions
– Efficient heating and cooling solutions
This systems are available on grid and (semi) off grid with A class producers.

Due to our production lines we have no waste materials, high precision fabrication and short production time (if slots are available). Complete house pre-fab walls and parts are immediately stored in high cube 40ft containers to be send to location. On location the floors, walls and ceiling is glued or screwed to a monolith unit including all utilities. No heavy cranes or building machinery is needed, due to the light weight of the parts.

Ecolux Housing production video from A to Z

Ecolux Housing building house time-lap video 

Ecolux Housing injection the walls with eco-friendly 2 component PUR for high isolation value 


The maximum dimensions of a  plate or wall is 3,3 M x 12 M. the panels can easily be transported upright in 20 and 40 feet high cube containers. Windows and doors can be pre – assembled. Of course it is also possible to driver walls lying on the construction site.



In this system, long screws ( ground anchor ) are rotated into the ground. This can be done manually or with a special machine. This method is particularly suitable for small to medium building solid floors without large stones.


The ” ring beam ” system was developed specifically for our buildings. It is suitable for all soils . The anchor members are also made of the same material. They are dug into the soil and leveled . Subsequently, a foundation plate is glued directly onto the anchor. This is an extremely durable method which survives even earthquakes.


A concrete foundation is suitable for loose to tight soils and larger house structures . The walls while bolted to the concrete floor and glued .



In this system, a large tank or several individual tanks are either embedded in the ground or placed directly on the ground. The method is suitable for all soils. The above ground tank is particularly suited for flooding areas.

Windows and doors