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Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Oostplein 224 | 3063 CE Rotterdam | The Netherlands


Features2 bedroom/1 restroom/kitchenette/living room
PurposeEmerging countries (Africa/Asia) with high housing demand. Rebuilding communities and relief housing


The Ecolux E-house 36m2 Plus is our low cost and ‘self-constructible’ house. Ideal for countries with a high Social Housing need and low purchasing power. The house can be built in ONE day with 3 people. This monolith house is very strong and last over 100 years! This durability make them finance able.

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This affordable house is Termite free, Fire proof, Mold free and can be made Floatable. The manual construction does not need any heavy equipment, only skilled people, known to the building method according to the rules of architecture and the valid Ecolux Quality Control regulations.

Off Grid options are possible.

Minimum order 20 houses. Transportation: 4 houses in a 40FT High Cube Container.

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Basic House Shell

High quality, environmentally friendly and affordable house

Walls, roof and floor

Outside walls: S60 mm
Inner walls: 60 mm
Roof & Floor: 80 mm

Roofed area: 36,5 m2 + 11,6 m2 roofed terrace = 48,1 m2

Features Standard E-House

2 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
1 living / dining area
1 Kitchen


The cables of the electrical system are integrated in the walls according
to a light and electrical plan.
Main switchboard with automatic circuit breakers located close to the entrance door.

Switchboard consists of:
3 automatic breaker switches
1 FI safety switch


Off Grid package
Color (standard = grey)

Electrical Installation prep for 220V - 110V - 24V AC/DC

Living room: 3 power, 1 Light switch
Kitchen: 2 power, 1 Light switch
Bedrooms: 2 power, 1 Light switch each
Bathroom: 1 power (with GF circuit breakers), 1 Light switch

Light outlets

Living area: 2 ceiling
Kitchen: 1 ceiling
Bedrooms: 1 ceiling
Bathrooms: 1 ceiling, 1 wall

Bathroom & Kitchen unit(s)

Sanitary installation on wall thru ground plate to connections prepared by client.
Bathroom installations includes:
1 shower
1 toilet (ceramic white)
Standing wash basin with faucet

Kitchen area with all basic sanitary installations prepared.
Sanitary installation on wall thru ground plate to connections prepared by client.

Windows & Doors

UPVC profile as high-stability multi-chamber frame, color: white
Seal: Grey or black
Frame; Smooth, clean finish
3 – chamber profile with galvanized iron stiffening
Sliding window
Single glassing
Turn handle white

Inner doors:
Doors and frames: HDF molded
Handles: standard metal
Standard door locks
2 pin hinges

Exterior doors:
Doors and frames: UPVC
Handles: standard metal.
Standard safety locks.
3 pin hinges


Interior surfaces are inorganic reducing threat of bacterial growth of any kind

  • Environment friendly
  • Extremely strong
  • 100% Circular
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Standard 10-year guarantee
  • High insulation IPC
  • Quality materials
  • Semi robotized production
  • Short construction time


The maximum dimensions of a Ecolux plate is 2,5mx 8,0m. the panels can easily be transported upright in 20 and 40 feet high cube containers. Windows and doors can be pre – assembled. Of course it is also possible to driver Ecolux walls lying on the construction site.



In this system, long screws ( ground anchor ) are rotated into the ground. This can be done manually or with a special machine. This method is particularly suitable for small to medium building solid floors without large stones.


The ” ring beam ” system was developed specifically for Ecolux buildings. It is suitable for all soils . The anchor members are also made of the Ecolux plates .




In this system, a large tank or several individual tanks are either embedded in the ground or placed directly on the ground. The method is suitable for all soils. The above ground tank is particularly suited for flooding areas.

Windows and doors

The cutouts for windows and doors are already included in the production of Ecolux plates. All commercially available system can be used. Foaming and screwing is possible without any problems. Because of the attachment system for windows and doors developed by Ecolux there exist no thermal bridges and water remains permanently outside.