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Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 Oostplein 224 | 3063 CE Rotterdam | The Netherlands

Ecolux Eco Home Flat roof edition

TypeEco Home 112 Flat edition (112 sqm Roofed Area)
Features2 floors/3 bedrooms/2 bathroom/toilets and a living&dining room
PurposeSocial & Receational Housing complying to high construction standards

Ecolux ECO112 Flat edition

The Ecolux ECO 112 Flat Roof Edition house is perfect for the European climate and ideal for installation of Solar Panels. The royal measurements of the house will give your residents a comfortable feeling. The large living, open kitchen and 3 bedrooms makes it an ideal family home.

  1. Ideal for housing cooperations who want to act fast with good results
  2. Perfect investment for long -or short time rental
  3. Zero energy on the meter is an option through Solar panels and smart energy solutions

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The Construction of the Ecolux ECO 112 house takes place in handicraft-fair, building method according to the rules of architecture and the Control regulations. Changes remain reserved, if new laws or construction specifications make these necessary.

Minimum order 5 houses.
Please mail or call us for more info and prices.

House Shell

High quality, environmentally friendly and affordable house

Walls, roof and floor

Outside walls: 150/200/300 mm
Inner walls: 80/100/120 mm
Roof: 200/300 mm
Floor: 200/300 mm
Roofed Area: 112m2

Features Standard ECOLUX 112 FLAT ROOF

Groundfloor 1 Living / Dining area

1x Toilet
1x Guest-Restroom
1x Tec-Room


3x Bedrooms
1x Bathroom
1x landing


The cables of the electrical system are integrated in the walls according to a light and electrical plan. Master house connection point and power-meter provided by client
Main switchboard and all outlets have to be provided and installed by a local certified electrician

Installations 230V with cables

Installations with cables prepared for
Living room: 2 power, 3 Light switches
Kitchen: 2 power, 1 Light switch
Entry: 1 power, 2 Light switch
Tec-Room: 1 power, 1 Light switch
Toilet: 1 power, 1 Light switch
Bathroom: 2 power (with GF circuit breakers), 1 Light switch
Bedrooms: 2 power, 1 Light switch each
Landing: 1 power, 1 Light switch

Light outlets

Living room: 2 ceiling
Kitchen: 1 ceiling
Entry: 1 ceiling
Tec-Room: 1 ceiling
Toilet: 1 ceiling
Bathroom: 1 ceiling, 1 wall
Bedrooms: 1 ceiling
Landing: 1 ceiling


Sanitary installation on wall through a ground plate have to be installed and connected by a certified local plumber.
Bathroom furniture not included


Not Included. Sanitary installation on wall through a ground plate have to be connected by a certified local plumber.

Windows & Doors

UPVC profile as high-stability multi-chamber frame, colour: dark grey
Seal: Grey or black
Frame; Smooth, clean finish
3 – chamber profile with galvanized iron stiffening
Triple glassing
Turn handle metal finish
No squares
Inner doors:
Doors and frames: HDF moulded
Handles: standard metal
Standard door locks
198 x 86 cm

Exterior doors:
Doors and frames: UPVC
Handles: standard metal.
Standard safety locks.
3 pin hinges


Closed stringer stairs, wood, with handrail mounted to the wall. ½ turn.


Floors: Scratch resistant, fibre cement board surface untreated.
Inside walls: Scratch resistant, fibre cement board surface untreated.
Outside walls: Scratch resistant, fibre cement board surface untreated.
Roof: Scratch resistant, fibre cement board surface painted with flexible, watertight roof paint.

Heating System

Heating and Cooling to be provided and installed by client

We offer the option of a Carbontec heating system:

Patented Carbontec® heating film integrated in the walls and ceiling.
Carbontec® is infrared heat: like the feeling of warmth from the sun on your
face. It is even the same form of heat emitted by your own body. Infrared is the
most basic form of heating known to man.
Infrared waves of Carbontec® travel through the air with light speed and when
they touch a surface, heat energy is released regardless of the surrounding air
temperature. That heat energy excites the molecules in the object it meets
which being to vibrate and gain energy (and warm up).
In contrast to convection heating, when heating with Carbontec® infrared, the
energy is transferred not through the air, but through electromagnetic waves,
meaning, the air between the heating unit and the “recipient” does not warm up.
The temperature of floor surface, walls, ceiling and objects in the room
increases and gives the accumulated heat back to the room. Therefore, the
walls and ceiling are heated almost equally at room temperature.
There is no air circulation (convection). The relative air humidity stays almost
the same.
Possible installation:
Total of Carbontec® heating film in walls ceiling: 40 m
Thermostats: 5 pcs
In wall transformers 5 pcs

  • Environment friendly
  • Extremely strong
  • 100% Circular
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Earthquake/hurricane safe
  • 30-year guarantee
  • High insulation IPC
  • Quality materials
  • Semi robotized production
  • Short construction time